Be the Kindness the unkind people must have

I would always remind myself this phrase,

Be kind, you might never know…the person you meet when you go up is the same person you meet when you go down. You will not always remain on top.


So you must show kindness to people even if they don’t deserve it. Give love without expecting any in return. Forgive even the inexcusable. Show respect, no matter how rude the person is. Be merciful and gracious, gentle and humble even when inside you are raging and wanting revenge. Calm yourself. It will be well.

I am saying this not because I have perfected them. No, I have not and admittedly, I fall short every time.But these are the things graciously given to me – first by my God and then the people around me.

I was shown kindness, though I am not. Loved though all that I am is unlovable. Forgiven even if everything that I have done were inexcusable. Though I was hard like a shell, tough and deep, Jesus and the people do things they shouldn’t have yet still do– they were gentle in their ways, they treat me with respect,grace and mercy. I do not deserve all these, but the sovereign Lord who knows me well, who sees the content of my heart claimed me with victory. He said “Oh my dear, yet you are undone.. I must say, it is done.. It is finished”


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