It is Well, with My Soul


You get on my nerves. You cause my heart to worry, my mind to weary; my body to shiver, my soul to quiver.

My emotions are triggered with your slight annoying stare. I couldn’t find any words to explain how deeply distressed I am.

The road is long and my steps are slow, and I want to catch new sight. Soon I stopped and closed my eyes, spread my arms to felt the wind on my skin then breathe.

A tremendous excitement rushed upon me as if the troubles and speculations start to leave me. Leaving what is hard for me to let go is truly hurtful but fulfilling at the same time. Looking back I can say “it was worth letting go”

But the best feeling of taking the road less traveled by many is when you have to taste and see the goodness of life.

“I couldn’t ask for more,” I told myself.


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